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She wants the D&D.

When you dress up and play Dungeons and Dragons with your girlfriends... oh ya, and film it. 

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Catch us LIVE every Sunday, 3pm PST
Livestream Episode 1
Out of Thay
Adventure 1:​
The Drunk Ring
Adventure 2:​
The Death Curse
Girls Guts Glory at the
Stream of Annihilation
Girls Guts Glory presents
Boys Butts Blory
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FAQ with Kim

How will the live stream be different?


1) For starters, I will no longer be DMing. I don't have the time to prep awesome games for you all on a weekly basis, but fear not, we have an AMAZING new DM, Kelly Lynne D'Angelo, coming in! I will still be around, playing a fun new character.

2) We have an additional cast member, Kelen Coleman, playing the hilarious Dranishka Theodrias.

3) There will be a little less Ichabod... I know, we're sad too, but Sujata is crazy in demand filming, writing and pitching her own television shows, but don't worry, she'll still be dropping in.

4) We'll only be in costumes on special occasions.

5) We're LIVE!!!! That's right, we've been listening to your requests for a live stream... and now you've got it!


When did you all start playing together?


In September 2015, my sister Erika (aka Lala Lemonboots) told me she wanted to start a D&D campaign and that's when we all started playing together... and learning together. We are definitely not experts, haha. We thought it would be something fun to do with our girlfriends and we were right!! 


How do you all know each other?

We all live in Los Angeles and are actresses, which makes it fun for everyone. Erika (Lala) and I are sisters and live together. I used to live with Allie as well (Lilith). Allie and Alice (Rowan) were on a show called The Lying Game together, though we were all friends before that. Sujata and Kelen have been friends of Allie and mine for a long time. Rachel is Erika’s best friend and they met at Southern Oregon University. Erika and Rachel met Kelly at a Geek and Sundry party!

Have you ever DM’d before?

Nope. I hadn’t even played DnD before. I volunteered to DM (aka Master of Destiny) and I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into. I opened up the Player’s Handbook and the Dungeon Master’s Guide and was immediately overwhelmed. But the whole process is a lot of fun! I love creating the stories and characters that they encounter. I’m still learning all the rules!

We don't like you.

That's not a question and you don't have to. We like us and that's all that matters. 

How do we contact you?

You can email us at

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Kimberly Hidalgo

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